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Visit our girls below.  They are wonderful.
Some have had litters for us while others are still puppies.
Have fun and enjoy!  Thank You.

We want to let everyone know that NOT ALL the females listed below have been bred or will be bred.  If they are not Breed Standard, we do not breed them.  I do place some of the dogs on occasion who are retired, with wonderful, loving families. This is the hardest part of having my wonderful girls!  Please DO NOT make assumptions that I just breed them just because they are a female.  A lot of my females are just house pets and companions who help me daily in the raising of other puppies!!  THEY ARE ALL MY FAMILY!!   

My Current Girls who are still breeding:
            & new girls coming up to breed.....


  • Nikkie-Nik is a daughter of Gypsie & Bugs... She is gonna be something! Beautiful girl and Excellent Mother!! Kindest thing ever!!
  • Kree-Kree is a daughter of our beautiful girl GYPSIE and her Dad is Brutus :)  Love this gal so much!  She is also an Excellent Mother!  So Blessed!
  • Mishka-Beautiful white gal who is living in Wisconsin with our Friends at Ravenswood Hollow. She is a FULL SISTER to my girl KREE!!
  • Gypsee-Born in November 2020 from Nikkie & Brutus...granddaughter of GYPSIE and BUGS....she was the only girl in the litter and we feel blessed!!
  • Ebii-A daughter of our Kree & Apache!  She resides in Pilot Mountain, NC with our niece Brenna and her family who will be breeding her!!  Please check her out!!


My Girls who are RETIRED from breeding:

  • Cody-My Foundation Girl!!-she is a Grandma, Great Grandma & a Great-Great grandma & Great, Great, Great Grandma : ) to some of the dogs at our kennel. She has now crossed over the Rainbow Bridge....with much sadness & happiness, I will continue to keep her bloodline and love alive!!
  • Cheyenne-A daughter of Cody and just PERFECT!! (Cody daughter)-terribly missed...Chey has now crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with her Mom
  • Cherokee-HUGE, SOLID WHITE, Super gentle & from Chey & Bubba! (Cody granddaughter) Chey has crossed the Rainbow Bridge....
  • Mandie-A BIG Bubba/Cheyenne DOLL : )  She is a sweetie : ) (Cody granddaughter) Mandie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge....
  • Koda-Black & Tan!! Gorgeous~ She & Kodie have carried on a wonderful & gracious line for me (Cody daughter)
  • Kesha-Meggi's pretty girl!! Super GERMAN PEDIGREE-Vitus Vom Fiemereck Granddaughter-she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge :(
  • Kodie-Black-Cody's girl and LOOKS just like her Mommy : ) (Cody daughter) Has passed away here in NC!!
  • Quendi Vom Olympus-Excellent german bloodlines....INCREDIBLE GAL! Quendi has passed....we so missed her...what a wonderful girl!!
  • Brandi-A daughter of my sweet KODA....granddaughter of CODY....lives in Ohio with Melanie!!
  • Apache Princess Von Snowcloud-Our white girl- Cherokee's granddaughter :) Retired....
  • Jessie-We have adopted Jessie out to Anthony in Indiana and look forward to hearing about her updates!
  • Kacie-OH BOY, how I love this little girl...She is a daughter of GYPSIE & BUGS - she has been adopted by Art & Nancy in Illinois!  THANK YOU BOTH!!
  • Ellie-She is our beauty from Smoke & Bugs :)  Ellie has been adopted by Eric and his family in Ohio!!...
  • Smoke-She is a wonderful Girl and INCREDIBLE Mother like her mom, Kesha!!  Smoke is now retired!!
  • Sophie-A white female from Karen, who we adore!  Sophie is living the GOOD LIFE in WV with Shannon and her family and we couldn't be happier for her!
  • Gypsie-Daughter of Kodie and granddaughter of our wonderful old gal CODY!!!!! 20+ years of our dogs :)
  • Rubie-Rubie is a daughter of Camo & a full life :)
  • Camo-Camo is a GRANDDAUGHTER of Shilo & Lobo....carrying my Original lines with Snowcloud added in :) Excellent Mother!
  • Tango-Our second girl from Nikkie!  Her father is Apache and she is our first Female Panda :)  Tango lives close by and is now just a companion :)





 If you have any questions regarding any of the dogs, please e-mail us and we will gladly answer back as soon as we can.