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Chey has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge

Conny Schwartz Schoneit x Huntmere Cody von Terror
Black & Silver-Female
AKC, DNA Profile #V206751

MY sweet Cheyenne at 12 years old.....after many beautiful babies that she has given me....

This is Cheyenne, February 2006! Her eyes tell it ALL!

How much do I love this dog............ well, some would say way too much, others would say, oh just a little, wink wink and then I guess I would say probably never enough! She has been such an inspiration in my life and kennel. She is a wonderful MOM, Grandma and Great Grandma and keeper of all...............she has RUN my kennel for years : ) and we are blessed to have such a wonderful dog be a part of who we are. Her mother, CODY is just as incredible and loving!

I know that Cheyenne is happy to be here as well!! Her father was a WHITE SHEPHERD who we still talk about and wonder how he is doing........Love the white shepherds........

Cheyenne................please know that I am writing this NOW while you are still with us and NOT after you leave and cross over the Rainbow many times we wait too long to write things or says things............ that is why I had to let folks know that Chey is just a great dog and companion.....always willing and is still acting like she is 2 years old : ) Thanks for taking the time to read this! May you find YOUR Cheyenne in your life someday!!




Cheyenne is a blessing!  God, I love this dog!!!!! She is a beautiful Black and Silver.  We never grow tired of Cheyenne and we never know what she will come up with next.  She is a true trooper and will do anything asked of her also.  Her Mother is Cody.  Cheyenne continues to help with raising new puppies, teaching them things that we are grateful for : )  She is so funny and so energetic : ) I cannot think of enough words that could described her personality.  She loves people and is always happy when visitors come.  Her time to shine : )  She keeps them all busy with a ball throwing session : ) 

Cheyenne is my GIRL and will follow in her Mother's footsteps, CODY.   She provides love and gentleness to her pups and they are so obedient.  I will forever carry Cheyenne in my heart, for she has always been stable, willing and loyal and you cannot ask for anything more!!

She has a couple of daughters here at the kennel and they will follow in her footsteps.  They are Sylvia and Cherokee, Mandie. and Neeno.  Her son, Harley is one fantastic boy.

Cheyenne produces very strong willed puppies who want to work and please.  They are very easily trained and have done well in Obedience classes and Schutzhund. Always willing to work and play.  Cheyenne always has a ball or stick in mouth  and ready for play.

Thank you.

Cheyenne is 11 this year and just ONE FANTASTIC SHEPHERD!!!  and young as ever : ) She is now OFFICIALLY retired.  THANK YOU EVERYONE who has a Cheyenne baby! I am sure you understand my love for this beautiful girl!!

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