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I have always thought NC mornings are incredible!  There was dew on everything and foggy mist!

A few flowers and fresh herbs are finally here....we looks forward to watching them grow along with our new batch of baby chicks :)

THANK YOU for stopping by....APRIL is a beautiful month in NC......the weather is wonderful this time of year....

Sweet Pea, our chicken :) and Max.....enjoying a little 'morning chat"  :)

Baby chicks have arrived......

Max learning to LOVE baby chicks :)  He was falling asleep watching me with the babies.
LOVE this boy~

Small fish tank :)

This is Camo learning that the babies are not for chasing or eating :)
All the shepherds do very well with the chickens!!

Our chicken coop-the chickens are not fenced in now....they free range and
it's amazing how many bugs they can eat in a day :)
We did fence in their porch and put a door on it so at night-they all file in
and perch for the night....we close the door only at night.

Mornings in NC.....they are beautiful!

Some of the girls enjoying a beautiful cool NC morning!

The Fish Tank

Beautiful August morning...sunrise is so beautiful here!~

Water lily in the fish tank

Charlie...with one of his gals :)

Storm rolling in....

Had a little snow January 2014

A little rain coming down at the still amazes me that we get so much rain in a short amount of time,
it will flood the area somewhat and then in an hour or so, it's gone....sand...guess that is why :)
Click on the pictures below to open them larger.....

Some of my new kids on the block :)  I think they are all hens....but time will tell :)

Bugs and Gypsie playing in the front yard :)
October 2014

George....always at the kennel with me...

George and his girls :)                                 Sassy Moe

Enjoying the Fall weather...

Babies are growing up.....doing well

Guineas are doing great as well....soon to be out and about eating everything in the yards that are pests!!
Spiders, ants.....etc....lots of them :)


BABIES have arrived :)

we had 6 chicks born yesterday August 7th!
Sassy Mo is being a great MOM :)

We are excited to share our first batch of babies :) 
Watch them grow.....please stop back :)

George visits the dogs every morning : )

Fred, Granny & Wilma

Granny                                                                Sassy Mo


Sassy Mo & Spot

Meet Fred...

George and his girls.....ready for another hot day....

George likes his new house :)

Leroy and his girls....he stays pretty clear of George...
So far they are sharing the new house :)


Calling in the morning : )

inside of the coop....recently lined it with bedding and prepared a place for my girls to lay their eggs :)