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Conny Schwarz Schoneit  (Cody Black Beauty)

RETIRED & now has CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE November 26, 2007
Black Female

Cody has crossed The Rainbow Bridge....and this was one of the hardest days of my life.  I have not felt grief such as this other then when I lost my Parents.....Cody will always be THE ONE who gave me life after so many things were not good in my life!  SHE is the reason I carry on with the kennel and puppies! 

She is THE REASON all that we do here is POSSIBLE.....She made us love her from the start....even as a puppy.....ornery as ever and giving me gray hairs way back then : ) She did it all with us.....helped raise the kids, work on the house, build the old kennel and then build the new kennel and through it all she has been the ROCK and FOUNDATION......I really do love this girl......My heart is breaking as she ages.....she is still HERE with me and yet her body is saying it's tired and worn out.....She has traveled over 2500 miles with me and my horses......has had several litters for us totaling 78 puppies....yep.....that is a lot of puppies.....she always loved being a MOM!!  She is still close by me where ever I am here at the house and kennel....she watches and waits.....visits folks at the gate when they stop by and even plays ball a little here and there.......Time is slipping from HER and from Me.........and I am not sure how to say GOOD-BYE.......just not sure......

This is my best friend!  She is incredible.

here she is.....May 2007.....playing ball while we were taking pictures of her and some of the other dogs.....what a BLESSING she has been to me!!


CODY October 2006, enjoying the nice warm afternoon.....LOVE THIS DOG!  Can't explain it in words......Just wanted to share with you!!

Cody in the MIDDLE of it ALL : )  haha  she is doing great!!  It's been over a month since she had her surgery and is just GREAT!  Love this old gal!  She is my inspiration daily!!!!!

I LOVE YOU CODY............  everyday, with all I have..............  YOU are an amazing Shepherd!  I am thankful daily to have had such an incredible dog by my side......never once did I ever think I was worthy of such kindness and dedication.  I say this NOW before you cross the Rainbow Bridge........I want everyone to know that YOU are everything to me.......... 

CODY HAD SURGERY on JULY 5th, 2006!!  She is doing AMAZING and all is well.

She is actually doing very well!  She had GOLD BEADS inserted into areas of her hips with Arthritis.....It is something that people have done for years........regarding arthritis and it's alot like acupuncture..........She is up and about and spent some of today with us outside......She is an INCREDIBLE dog........I love her sooooo much.....she is such a kind hearted the vet's she was visiting with ANYTHING that would visit with her....haha  she loves Cats and anything else!  We feel so lucky and blessed to have CODY!.

Cody and Bubba have changed my life!!  Seriously!!  Thank you for reading about CODY!  She is, was and always will be my INSPIRATION to preserve the kindness, integrity and loyalness of the German Shepherd!!!!!!!!

Above pictures taken May 2006!  LOVE this dog!  She is getting old and we love her SO MUCH!  She is always with us and loves to be outside! 

Here is a couple of Cody's Great Grandkids : )  from Lil Toot and Kazan's Litter 2006!


We call her Cody.  She is our very special girl.  She is East/West German bred and American.  She is solid black and a foundation female for us.  She loves to play with the kids and is Grandma & Great Grandma to several of our puppies.  Her right ear was broken as a puppy, if you are looking at her picture to the right and are wondering : ) We don't consider it a fault, just part of who she is. 

This site & my breeding program would have never been in existence without Cody.  She is a true companion and always willing and ready to do anything that is asked of her.   She is so dedicated to us as a family and has always been involved in everything we have encountered.  She has made the "road of life" a little easier many times.  

Cody's bone structure is wonderful and she passes this and her lovable personality on to her offspring.  She has gone many miles with my horse and I and has never missed a turn!  She continues to be a part of the farm life and still jumps up into the truck to go "bye byes" daily!  Just this past month she was gladly riding behind me on the 4-wheeler : )  She is active and happy. She is my companion and words just cannot explain what she means to me.

Visit the other females to see how they are related.

We Love You Cody!  I love you Cody!  It's like a marriage, we have been through thick and thin together!  I look forward to the future, because I know she has helped me face whatever it may bring,  though one day she will be gone, she definitely has made me a MUCH BETTER PERSON and that makes my heart happy!! 

Thank You for visiting!

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