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Mintern's Lil Sophie Tater Tot
August 22, 2016
AKC, Female, White, DM CLEAR


Sophie......My sweet and loving girl! We have placed Sophie is a new home.
She is the most incredible of dogs and as it truly breaks my heart that we have re-homed
Sophie. Her new home also has a
Camo/Brutus girl- Kia and a Gypsie/Brutus girl- Nix! Juniper and Dragen as well!!
She will share a wonderful life with them! I think she moved in and stole their hearts LOL

Thank you Shannon and family!  I am so happy that Sophie will have such an incredible
home!  She already looks happy :)  THANK YOU!!

She is with BUGS and GYPSIE all the time....

She loves our girl GYPSIE :)  Sophie is getting big!  She just turned 6 months old.

Sophie is growing up fast....

working on 4 months old :) and I would say she's gonna look alot like her Mama!!

Thanksgiving :)

Sophie is hilarious and loves to be with me all the time....listens like she knows :)
I love it :)

Sophie and Bugs.....Bugs has alot of fun teaching all the new puppies :)

Always time for a belly rub :)

She is growing :)  Here come the ears :)

10 weeks

Loves this spot :)

Lil Sophie, or as we all call her, Tater,
is our newest addition!  She comes from Karen a great friend in SC!

Meeting our hen, Miss Sweet Pea

As a baby playing at Karen's