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Kree and Apache

Puppies coming in MARCH 2023

Please let me know if you have an interest in this litter. 
Colors will be BLACK, Black & Tan and Pandas

These puppies will be large in body & bones structure!!

I have started staking deposits....please contact me soon if you are interested!!




I am very proud of Kree!  Her first litter she was ever so nurturing to those babies! And she was just as wonderful with those that follow!
This really is a testament to the bloodlines that I have chosen to keep and continue in my lines for breeding!

Anything I ask of her, she will do or try to do.....she is very loyal and loving
and very devoted to me.....makes me happy to have her to help me continue on with the
bloodlines that STARTED IT ALL 29+ years ago !

KREE is from GYPSIE, who is from KODIE who is from CODY, who started it ALL 29 years ago!
My foundation of girls are based off the BLACK german shepherd...I dearly love and cherish the black shepherds!!

All the girls above are BLACK Shepherds.

Apache is just one of the sweetest of shepherds ever....I love him and he loves me....there truly
isn't anything much better than that LOL  He has proven himself as a stud dog and I am very happy
to call him mine!!

These pups will make wonderful family companions.  Very loyal and on the larger size.

Both parents are incredibly healthy and happy dogs!!

My email is
Please send me any thoughts or questions you may have!

I have room for a couple more deposits on this litter if you have an interest.
Some of Kree & Apache's previous puppies below

Takoda lives in Missouri!

Duke lives in North Carolina!

Roxy (FE) and Rambo (M) live in PA!!

Kacie lives in North Carolina!

Gizmo lives in Ohio

Tokala lives in North Carolina and is a Service Dog!

Kree has a sister who is a Search and Rescue Dog in Ohio-Frankie!  We are very proud
of Frankie! She is handled by Dan who is amazing with her and what he does!