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Black & Red Male
AKC, OFA Prelim Good, DNA

It will be hard to say Good Bye to my's been with alot of sadness that I have made a decision to let Jack go and Touch other's lives....

Jack will be making his home in Columbus with James, Pam and the boys....He will continue to touch people's lives by being a Therapy Dog....JACK will do wonderful in his new adventure...he will touch people's hearts with his love and kindness.....

Jack is the beginning of our process here at the kennel to SLOW DOWN and start to place of our older dogs up for adoption.  This has NOT COME EASY for me in any way, but it's necessary for both me and Paren and the dogs...

PLEASE come back and visit Jack's Page often as there will be updated pictures and information.

We have much faith in you JAMES :)  Look forward to hearing all about Jack and his new Adventures...

Here is JACK with Chessie, Victor and Ziva......
He is doing so well in his new home...been traveling to different states with James....

Here is Jack in Georgia :)

Jack will be sharing his home with ZIVA, VICTOR and CHESSIE.....

Ziva is from Koda & Jack 06-24-2009
Victor is from Kati & Tank 06-07-2009

Taken from my phone...not the best quality....June 2010

18 months!


Jack and Bubba

Jack and Bubba

What Jack Produces

GIDEON is one of Jack's sons with Koda from December 2007
Jack produces very pretty puppies!!

Gentle with his puppies!!

MR. "All I wanna do is PLAY" : )
Bubba could care less : )

Jack is a wonderful shepherd!! He was flown here from California and we picked him up December 31, 2006-January 1, 2007 right after we brought in the new year....yep-right there is the airport : )  It was a wonderful gift!!  He was just a doll right from the start!  Please enjoy his pictures and believe me, there will be many many more!  He is a fun, happy and incredibly smart shepherd! 

Jack home 1 day.......

My boots were his favorite.....he never chewed on them : ) 
I still have them  ha ha

October 2007

October 2007

     October 2007                                                                              May 2008

July 12, 2007

May 21, 2007


May 21, 2007
Just a baby but look at his confirmation!!

JACK.....PEEKING : ) Here he is at 6 months.....Look at those EARS!!  ha ha

6 months...anyone want to play????                     maybe my buddy "BRUISER"

Almost 5 months

JACK : )

Jack at 13 weeks

Jack at 15 weeks

Jack at 20 1/2 weeks : )

Here are some pictures taken March 28, 2007.
Beautiful Spring day!
Jack & boys........  I am in love and everyday I know I am blessed more and more!
Thanks for visiting......

Just a couple of cute pictures of the BOYS below :)
Jack has learnt many things from my Wonderful boy, of those things is "bringing in wood" for our wood burner.....Bubba has done this from a pup...and now Jack does it as well...they both have to HELP !!  it's cute....also Jack will CARRY anything.....give him whatever you have in your hands and he will carry it and as far as you need him to : ) 


Jack's parents below

Lenga's Loyalville Von Civik
 Jack's MOM

Flesh Ars Djenestra
 Jack's Dad