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MI Gizmo of Burghill
Black & Tan Male
AKC, DNA,  Micro-chipped


I lost my dear and sweet boy......November 22, 2009

He was the very first boy that I purchased....was the most incredible shepherd....
More devoted then so many of them :)  He lived and died for me...hung on til the very end...

MY heart is broken.....AGAIN.....I knew these days would come in my which I would lose the first shepherds that are now the foundation of my bloodline and kennel...It's truly heartbreaking to have to say good bye to such sweetness and kindness....He has many babies out there...many of you who are reading this may have one of Gizmo's kids :)  THANK YOU ALL~~~  THANK YOU soooo much for being a part of this wonderful journey in which we have been on with our Shepherds.....
GIZMO was the main stud dog here for our kennel for years...only a few others have been part of the program..
Bubba, being one of them who I lost last year.....

Again I THANK YOU ALL, who purchased one of his FIRST PUPPIES and one of his LAST...and all those in between.....He certainly was a great EXAMPLE of what a shepherd is....truly amazing :)

I continue onward....having many of his kids here with me....I will keep his great bloodlines alive...

Giz....November 2007

MY BABY, to think he is 11 years old.....I am MORE blessed then words can say!
THANK YOU for visiting!!

November 2007

May 2007

We love this boy!  He loves being my boy!!  He is just WONDERFUL!

Gizmo was just awesome.  Bred from the Sukee line on top, including CH SUKEE'S MANNIX, CH COBERT'S RENO OF LAKESIDE and another well known, CH LANCE OF FRAN-JO, he just spills over with a royal look and kind eyes. Dedication is a given with this strong male.  Nicely bred on the sire's side and East/West German bred on the dam's side.  Many, many Champions run through Gizmo's bloodline.  He is worth so much more then words can say.  He is precious and Loyal to me.  I am forever thankful to have him a part of this family.

He was truly one of our perfect boys.  He was always waiting for me and couldn't stand to be without me.  Loved to do anything that you do with him.  Wants to be at your side always and lets you know of any intruders- right away. 

Gizmo taught many new pups their manners and loved every minute of it.  Gizmo would father a little kitten or even a little bird, if I told him to.  He was just a wonderful friend!

Another of our Gentle Giants, he is just everything we would ever want in a companion.  Proven producer of wonderful, loyal and dedicated puppies.  We have few of his daughters here at the kennel. 


Here is GIZMO at 3 1/2 months old.  Just wanted to share this with everyone.  He is just a sweetie!!  Has been from the beginning : )
This was a special boy from the start....large and lanky.....happy to lay on one of my shoes : )
I look back at this photo that is in his baby book : )  and I remember thinking he was cute and big and just so smart for his young stable, right from the beginning for me.
Gizmo helped me make this dream of mine become reality!!  He truly needs a medal : )  haha
THANK YOU Sweet boy!


I am not sure that facing life without this boy will be easy....He is soon to retire and I am sad for this. Not that he would ever go ANYWHERE....just thinking of him aging and getting hard for me....He has been here, through it all......sorta like the backbone....him and my old Gal CODY!!   He is just a wonderful producer, kind and gentle and loves his girls!!  Always there for me.....never leaves always watchful and waiting....If you ever get a chance to have a german shepherd in your life, I dearly hope that you are blessed as I with Gizmo and what he gives back!!

January 2005                      June 2005




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Gizmo in his younger days :)

Thank You.