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Thank you for visiting our FOOD & Nutrition page!



Please check out the US FOOD and DRUG ADMINISTRATION for updates
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We do not have our food listed on this recall, but we wanted to let folks know about it...

It may seem a little odd that I would thank you for visiting this page.... but actually this is one of the most important pages on our website!  What we feed our pets is very important to the life they have ahead of them.  There had been many articles written lately regarding the concerns and dangers of some of the commercial dog foods.  A few places for up to date and great info are THE WHOLE DOG JOURNAL and CORNELL University. 

We have been feeding our dogs and puppies an ALL NATURAL diet and we are so pleased.  For those who remember us or have gotten a puppy from us years ago, you will recall that we have fed a farm/feed-mill based product for years.  Although we have never had many complaints on that food, we had to continuously add supplements to their diets.  This adding of supplements actually made this food as highly recommended as the all natural. We also have grown with the times so to speak.  Our animals are more precious to us now then ever before.  They are a part of our families and we all want to give them the best when it comes to nutrition and supplements. 

Made in Ohio!!
We believe in this food and feed it entirely to our pups, adults and seniors!!

Many who have purchased a puppy from us know that I would send home my Puppy Pack with several things listed that you would have to purchase to add into the food. This was needed to bring the nutritional value up for the puppy to excel on. After several dog foods tried, we have concluded that all the dogs and pups are different so there may be one food that is better then another for a certain pet but all in all the foods that we have decided to feed and carry are what we HIGHLY recommend for those of you concerned about the well being of your pets!

We feel that by telling our new puppy people and our folks who have purchased from us in the past about our thoughts and concerns regarding foods that are on the market, you will understand the importance of keeping your new puppy on an ALL NATURAL diet.

The main differences in the food that we used to feed to the food we feed now is simply just the fact that
they are made from Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Humane Grade meats along with things like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and offer healthy choices to their customers.
Please understand that there are times in which you will need or want to switch dog foods.  I recommend that you stay on an all natural food, high quality food and continue with the vitamins in which are required for your puppy.

If you have one of our puppies from a past litter and would like more information regarding the foods listed below, please write us. On both the above listed websites, you will find STORE LOCATORS also that will direct you where the nearest store is for purchase. Also, the websites are wonderful to navigate through and have many answers to questions you may have.

I HIGHLY recommend that our pets be fed natural products. Our pets are also fed all natural vitamins, minerals and supplements.  Those who know me, know that I stress highly to go with the all natural way as possible.  Once again, we have been given an opportunity to change this here at the kennel and feel strongly about helping others make the switch if they choose to.

Please visit the websites above and again, if you need more information from us, please let us know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!  Your time is truly appreciated!

Mintern's German Shepherds!

Please read this article from Cornell University.
Here you can find NEWS about Foods and other things that affect our pets.  Thank you.

The WHOLE DOG JOURNAL is an excellent source of information regarding NATURAL and HOLISTIC care.
Visit them on the web at
A monthly guide to natural dog care and training!!
They also provide you with a guide to GOOD FOOD each year.  They publish a list of Dry Foods and Canned Foods that is just wonderful to have on hand when you have a need to switch the foods you are feeding!!

Kellie's Place (owned and operated by Dori Lumpp in OHIO) carries a variety of Natural and Holistic Foods
If there is a food that you are looking for, please let us know. 

You can call or write DORI for availability of foods.......

Contact DORI today for her list of Great Foods for your Pets!!