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Deciding on a puppy

Puppies are a responsibility.  Once you decide to take a puppy home and make him a part of your family, you are then committed to him until that puppy grows up and lives his life to the fullest in your home. There are several things to take into consideration before actually taking him home.

First, you may want to decide if you are looking for a family pet or companion or a show or breeding quality dog. You may want to check out several of your favorite types of breeds before deciding on one in particular. Different breeds have different needs and attentions spans.  You will need to be aware of what your puppy's needs may be.   After you have made a choice as to what type of dog and what breed, then you can prepare for the initial costs involved.  Prices vary from pet quality and show quality and this will have to be taken into consideration.

Before purchasing a pup, check with your Veterinarian and local Dog Clubs for reputable breeders in your area.  Family and friends can also be a help in this area.  We also have the accessibility of the Internet and can find breeders within driving distances. ASK lots of questions when you have decided on a breeder.  VISIT the kennel and ask to see other puppies that they may have kept from a past litter.  Take along the people who will be involved with the raising and sharing the puppy's life.  Most everyone loves to visit puppies!  Ask the breeder to see both parents and view their personalities.  On occasion you will find a breeder who uses a stud dog that belongs to someone else, then ask to see pictures and question the lifestyle and personality of the male.  Keep in mind, when viewing the parents, the female may not look her very best.  After whelping a litter of pups it will take her some time to get her body and coat back in shape.  She should be alert, happy, and usually very excited to show off her puppies.  She should interact well with you as a visitor, but she may be very protective as well.  This is certainly normal and does not mean that she is ean or aggressive.

If you are unable to visit the kennel of your choice, write or call for information from that breeder.  Ask for pictures of both parents and puppies.  View the pedigrees and ask about registration papers, vaccinations, deworming schedule and make sure they are up date.  Breeders should give freely of this information. 

Upon finding the right breeder for you and your family, you then need to express to the breeder exactly what type personality you are looking for.  Most breeders know their puppies' personalities and should have no problem matching a puppy to your needs and wants. Although this may not sound as fun as "just picking" a puppy, you may be more successful in raising a puppy that fits your lifestyle.  Ask the breeder what they would recommend.

Although all the above information sounds very obvious to some, it can be devastating to others who are not prepared for a new puppy in the house.  Before deciding on an addition, make sure your life has room, your mind is willing and your heart is ready for lots of love and attention. You may want to visit the kennel a couple of times to make sure this is the right place for you.

I always tell everyone that they should take their time and look around. Do not buy a puppy on impulse.  

We like to think that when you leave our kennel, you have made friends as well as someone you can call upon for information regarding your new puppy.
Thank you for taking the time to read our suggestions.  We wish you luck in finding the Perfect Friend!

We do the PUPPY APTITUDE TEST on each puppy that is born here and that helps us place the RIGHT puppy with the RIGHT family.  Read more about it by clicking on the link above.