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Bubba, has sadly left my life.....October 10, 2008 - he slipped through my arms into God's hands......He will forever be one of the greatest shepherds that will ever have graced my life....his kindness and gentleness was always such a grand feature about such a BIG BOY~  He loved to love with such a wonderful heart....Thank you for visiting Bub's page...  He is, was and always will be a GRAND SHEPHERD!

You can read more about Bubba here.......He truly touched so many people's lives...and still is....through his pups, grand pups and great grand pups!

MI Chief Braveheart (BUBBA)
Snowcloud's Chief Shadow x Snowcloud's Kati Jo
Black & Silver Male  D.O.B. 11-22-98  DNA
AKC, Micro-chipped

Well.........There will never be a day that goes by that this sweet boy is not but a few inches from me : )
This is a dear sweet and kind boy!
I love you BUBBA!
He continues to keep things in order here, is happy to help me raise a puppy or two in the house and is currently helping me with JACK!   Bubba and Jack are always and I mean ALWAYS with me....they are my sidekicks : )  haha
I am so blessed!  Really!  I am thankful nonstop for this boy! 

We call him Bubba. Bubba to me is just the Perfect German Shepherd!!  Bubba has taught us so much about this breed.  He is a true survivor.  He went through quite a bit when he first came home to us.  Traveling 1100 miles home just to have an accident and go through 3 surgeries.  



This was Bubba after the first surgery.  He had to wear Little Baby T-Shirts.  How could you not LOVE this guy : )  He was such a brave puppy.  Never once cried about all the things we had to do to him.  Loved going to the Vets to visit the girls who helped us through all the surgeries and all the bandages!

Bubba has a story posted about him on that you may want to read.  Bubba has never failed me.  He is always there and always willing.  I cannot say enough about this wonderful friend!

He is a Black and Silver male who CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!
A very strong German pedigree on his sire's side. American/Canadian bred on is dam's side.

Wonderful disposition and great attitude for Therapy work.  Loves people and wants to please, all the time.  He has been working on several things at the farm including "getting the mail" and "bringing buckets" back to the house after feeding time in the morning.  He is also the "Bubba Sitter" for my new additions.  

Bubba has such a dedication to me and my family.  He is one of those special dogs that people are blessed to have once in a life time.  He has a sense of what you are feeling and what you are needing.  Everyday he processes more and we look forward to working with his wonderful ability with people.  His heart is HUGE , like he is and very, very gentle!!  


Picture taken January 2003 


Thank you. Everyone who knows me knows exactly what this dog means to me.  He is by far the most loyal and gracious dog that I have had the opportunity to be blessed with!!!!!!  

Summer 2003 : )  Loves riding in HIS Jeep : )  

I just love this dog. 

Fall 2003

 Snow day January, 2004

Bubba Dog Bloom Photo.jpg (143560 bytes)


Bubba is also featured on Dog Bloom's Pamphlet for vitamins. This is the vitamin and mineral company that we recommend and send home with all our new puppies!!

Please click on the picture to enlarge.

More cute pictures of Bubba when he was a baby.  Click here

Bubba's DAD-Snowcloud's Chief Shadow

Bubba's Mom-Snowcloud's Kati Jo

Chief Blue Mist, Bubba's Grandpa