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Mintern's Apache Von Snowcloud Ravenswood Hollow
AKC, DNA-Panda Tested, DM, Microchip
AKC DNA#V969505
Male Panda German Shepherd
D.O.B. September 19, 2018

He is KINDEST, most gentle and sweetest pup!  He will turn 5 this year and that is crazy as he is still the PUPPY around the house LOL
He is so soft and his coat is just beautiful!  He is always happy and always willing to help me with the pups...
He is a BIG boy....and we are extremely happy with our APACHE :)


Apache is growing up and we could not be happier with this fun and happy boy!
He is so loyal to me and just a kind and gentle soul!
Here he is at 17 months old.....still a baby .......


Playing with Bugs, our sweet Puppy Trainer :) 

Apache is learning NOT to chase the Turkeys, Guineas and Chickens :) and doing INCREDIBLE!!  and there is always play time on the big dirt pile we have LOL

I just love his sweetness

5 months and I am so enjoying sweet Pache!!

Working on those EARS :)

Enjoying Winter




A mutation in the KIT gene has been found to be the source of the dominant white spotting pattern known as Panda that occurs in a line of German Shepherd dogs. This mutation is very recent as it appeared spontaneously in a female born in 2000. The Panda pattern is characterized by symmetrical markings of white forelock, muzzle, chest, ventral abdomen, collar and tip of the tail. The amount of white can vary from dog to dog. In the homozygous state, the Panda mutation is considered an early embryonic lethal as no live dogs with the pattern and with 2 copies of the mutation have been observed. Heterozygous (1 copy of the mutation) dogs do not have any health defects associated with this pattern.

A study published by UCDavis in 2016 found that the panda marking is the result of dominant mutation of the KIT gene, or the CD117 gene.
DNA tested conducted by the American Kennel Club proved her lineage to be, for a fact, a pure German Shepherd Dog.

The first ever recorded Panda was a result of breeding two German Shepherd dogs by Cindy Whitaker

Brain vom Wölper Löwen SCHH III, the sire, was registered with the German Shepherd Club Of Germany.
The dam, Cynthia Madchen Alspach, was registered with the American Kennel Club.
Lewcinka's Franka von Phenom was born with white markings, and was the sole puppy in the litter to have such markings.
Repeat breedings did not create any more panda puppies