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December 2017


I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all our WONDERFUL folks who have our PUPPIES
and those who will soon have one :)
We have been more the blessed over the years of NOT JUST sending home a puppy
but creating friendships that have lasted years and years :)
We continue to hear from those who have our old shepherds...
those who have recently lost a best friend, those waiting on a new puppy..
and those who are still THINKING they might want a companion : )
It's been a beautiful thing to watch how so many of our puppies have impacted those lives around us :)

Jesus is the reason that we are celebrating this beautiful time of year.
Take time to rest and enjoy your family, friends and please don't forget your "Furry Friends"

THANK YOU all.....we love you and we hope that this Christmas is a very special time for you!


THANK YOU for being a part of our lives! 
Kellie & Paren and all the shepherds.....



Thank you all who have followed us this year....and who have received one of our precious puppies!
We are most Thankful and Grateful that you wanted to share your life with one of our puppies!

This year has had some challenges but we have made it through them best we can!  SO very thankful!

We do have a little of puppies coming anytime now from CAMO & BRUTUS and they should arrived sometime
on Thanksgiving, if not very close :)  We will update you :)

We want to wish everyone a Very HAPPY & BLESSED THANKSGIVING and hope that your able to spend this
time with your friends and family!

THANK YOU for becoming and being a part of our lives!  We are truly BLESSED and will always be happy to
hear from you with updates :)


Also, we wanted to share with you that KACIE- who we raised from puppyhood and adopted out earlier this year,
Has been blessed with a wonderful family to love her.  THANK YOU ART & NANCY!  I know Kacie is certainly blessed
and hoping the she is blessing you as well!
Love the updates and we hope that you have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Art & Kacie, November 2017

MAY 2017

Thanks for stopping back and checking on things :)  MAY is here already.  Hard to believe that 4 months of this new year has flown by!
CAMO had her puppies for us on April 27th and she and her 11 babies are doing great.  Gypsie will have her pups next month....So looks like I shall
have my hands full :)  Happy Times for me...I love my babies and meeting all my new folks!

We did hear from a friend in Ohio who adopted BRANDI from us years ago....BRANDI who was from our KODA and BUDDY has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge!
She was an incredible girl from the start and first made her way to Virginia.....after some unexpected events, she was back home with us.  She became a
wonderful MOTHER and we had many babies from her who are still blessing others....Actually CAMO'S LITTER are Great Great Grandkids of hers...

We wanted to THANK MELANIE, who was an incredible MOM to Brandi....and Brandi LOVED Melanie so much....First time they met, Brandi
jumped right in her VAN and said, LET'S GO!!  It was a perfect match.  I always fear adopting out one of our shepherds, but this meeting
was perfect and they were perfect for each other!  Melanie also has our CHARLEE, along with her girl Kita!

WE CANNOT THANK MELANIE enough for all her love and care that she gave Brandi along the way....
WE LOVE YOU Mel.....THANK YOU and we are so sorry for your loss...


Bless your heart sweet girl!  We love you and will miss you!
Crossed The Rainbow Bridge....

March 2017

THANK YOU for stopping by again.....We really do appreciate that you want to know how we are and how things are going :)
We look forward to the CLOCKS changing AHEAD again....longer days....more time to get things done :)
New this month is that CAMO and BRUTUS will have pups coming in APRIL :)
This liter is all spoken for at this time. We do have GYPSIE and SMOKE coming up to be bred this month as well.
I am trying my best to get those WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING, a puppy to you :)

We were made aware of some sad news just recently and that is that our beloved NEENO,
who was from CHEYENNE and BLUE, has passed. Neeno was super special to us,
in that she was the LAST PUPPY that my MOM was able to hold on her own. My Mom had Cancer.
My Mom passed away in 2004 at our home and Neeno was actually named after my Mom...a Fun name we used to call her :)
Neeno was born that year on our Anniversary, June 7th.....and my Mom passed on June 20th..It was a very TRYING
Time for us all and we will forever be grateful to all those who were there, surrounding our Mom with LOVE!
Neeno was adopted out to Wendy in 2012.  Wendy loved and cared for Neeno for several years before Neeno was
diagnosed with cancer....Unfortunately cancer is a mean disease and does not bother to ask WHO it invades....
WE just want to THANK Wendy for all her LOVE and DEDICATION she showed's truly a blessing to have folks want
some of our Older dogs....who we started adopting out late 2012. THANK YOU Wendy for giving her a wonderful ending
to her life!  Neeno had several litters for us and we are forever thankful and grateful for her love and devotion to us and her puppies!

Neeno a daughter of Cheyenne and Blue-below

THANK YOU again for stopping by and please come back soon!
Watch for updates on our UPCOMING LITTER PAGE as well...


January & February 2017

Thank you for stopping by to check on what is happening at the kennel! Gypsie & Bugs' litter from November are all in their new homes!
THANK YOU everyone who took home one of these little ones :)  We have a couple stay in NC, some went to Ohio and others to PA. We are
so excited to hear back from everyone on how they are doing and hopefully get lots of updated pictures :)

We do have plans for Spring litters and we will announce them as the girls are bred.  We have some young females who will be first time
Moms and look forward to sharing their puppies with you!
You can watch the
UPCOMING LITTER PAGE for updates if you'd like :)

We hope that the New Year is starting out wonderful for you and Blessings for Health and Prosperity.
We look forward to a year ahead full of love and laughter and sharing our puppies and adults with you.

Max is over a year old now and turning into a HANDSOME young male...Kacie is going to be a year old in April! They grow up so fast!
Brutus is 2 already and will soon be a father as well!  And we have Sophie who we love dearly and she is a big girl at 65 lbs and 5 months!
Nikkie is our girl from Gypsie & Bugs' November litter and we look forward to sharing her with you as she grows up!

We have lots to share with you this year and hope that you will stop back occasionally to see what is happening :)
THANK YOU again for stopping by and please stop back soon!




is here and it's a beautiful time of year!

Thank you for stopping by!  We are excited to share with you that Gypsie had her puppies on November 26, 2016!
ALL GIRLS :)  Seven of them :)  What blessings!  You are see them

I am grateful and thankful for all those who are already a part of our extended family!  It's incredible for me to see all your pictures you send and all the updates!
I love each and every one of them :) We are also very excited to welcome all our new folks into the extended family :)  Can't wait to share your new little
BUNDLES OF JOY with you :)

We want to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and Peace to you and your family!
God Bless you and please have a safe and happy holiday!  May your NEW YEAR be filled with much love and happiness!


November arrived!

November was a very busy month and we are almost to a close already.

THANKFUL for the wonderful friends that are in our lives, who love our puppies!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our family and feel very blessed to have them all close!

Gypsie had her puppies for us on November 26th and we will have more updates soon!

THANK YOU everyone who stops by to check out what is going on :)

Have a very Blessed and HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!!

Thank you :)


Welcome October :)
We are excited to welcome in this month as the weather is usually cooler and the dogs love being outside playing more!
I love being outside more as well.  Summertime in NC is extremely hot and humid!!
We are going to have some UPDATES later this month with who is pregnant.
We bred Gypsie and Bugs and those pups will be born right around Thanksgiving :)  If you are waiting on a puppy from
this litter, PLEASE WRITE me at so I can confirm it :)
Camo was bred to Brutus and as soon as I know FOR SURE, I shall announce her puppies coming with dates and particulars!
So excited about this litter as well....
We will be welcoming a NEW girl to our home as well later this for updates :)
THANK YOU for stopping by and please come again!

Our Blessing Tree
Up all year :)


September 2016
THANK YOU for stopping by and checking out what is NEW :)
FALL is my very favorite time of year....and maybe Winter here in NC!
The weather tends to be much warmer than Ohio where we are from! I keep thinking that it will be COOL soon, but we are still in the
HIGH 80's to 90's.....and we are getting some of those RAINS that is usual for NC this time of year as well.

We are waiting on our GIRLS to come into heat so we can announce some new babies coming!  We should have more puppies in the Late Fall, Early Winter!
Please watch the UPCOMING LITTERS page for more information!
Also, looking forward to the holidays....Christmas time may just be my all time favorite :)

We are blessed with so many of our friends and customers who update with pictures and videos of their pups and dogs! THANK EVERYONE OF YOU!
We are grateful for your loyalty and love for the German Shepherd!!

Watch for updates soon....THANK YOU again for stopping by and please enjoy the rest of the website!


MAY 2016
Wow, I think the first part of the year has flown by....what about you?  Seems like I have lots of great plans for Spring time and gardening and such and I always still, feel behind :)
Gypsie and Bugs' puppies were born on April 23, 2016.  They are beautiful and I have one or two black sable females available. You can visit their page here.
We did manage to get a few more trees planted.  This property had NO trees whatsoever so we decided to start planting a few every year.  I took a few pictures of LAST year's trees and the ones planted this year...It's truly amazing how FAST things grow here in NC!!  One year later they are taller than me :)

The larger trees are the ones we planted in JUNE of 2015 and they have grown this much. See the STICKS sticking up?  they show where the small trees are we just planted a few days ago.....

We also did a few in the front yard as well. Hard to see the small ones...but they are there :)  We actually brought a few Maple trees from Ohio and they are doing very well here!!  They were little twigs when we planted them.

Anyways, we just wanted to share a little about what we are doing.  We hope the tress grow to be big and strong and give us much needed SHADE for the dogs :)

We expect puppies at the end of JUNE from
Smoke & Bugs!  Can't wait...they are wonderful puppies as well!
You can keep up on them

Thank you for stopping by....We hope that everyone is having a wonderful SPRING and looking forward to Summertime :)

Have a great MAY!
Please stop back!
God Bless!

Sweet Pea & Max :)
Little conversations :)

Hope everyone's MOTHER'S DAY was special!  Mine certainly was! Very thankful!

Mother's Day was special....grandkids were here and the pups got some attention :)

They are always sweet and gentle!

Love my cards and flower....look forward to watching it grow all summer :)

APRIL 2016

Thanks for checking in with us!  We appreciate it and hope that you find your stop here at Mintern's German Shepherds, fun and interesting...We are anxiously awaiting Gypsie's puppies this month....will be close to the end of the month!  She is showing nicely and we are excited as I have so many folks waiting patiently on us!  THANK YOU ALL!!

Watch for
Gypsie and Bugs' Puppies towards the end of April :)

We hope that the start of Spring is special for all of you and that you are enjoying the longer days and beautiful weather!

Please stop back when you can for updates!  We have some news....
Dr. Gary's Best Breed Foods are now available online at!
We have always had to tell our customers to call Best Breed directly or if in Ohio, you can go to Doria at Kellie's Place.  Now there is a simple, fast and easy way to order the best food we have ever tried! and search for Dr. Gary's Best Breed!!  If you need any help or have any questions about this food, please let us know!  We love it and have it shipped here to NC from Ohio!!