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Bugsy von den Blauen Bergen

VA Waiko vom Schaumbergerland, Sch3, Kkl1 x SG1 Genie vom Stuber Haus
AKC, DNA, Tattoo, DM Clear
Sable Male

Bugs is certainly a wonderful HELPER with our young dogs :)  Here he is with Kree!!

Anytime we are out, he is never far from my side....always diligent and watchful!

Getting older but still my LOVE :)

My Shadow :)  LOVE Bugs!!

Relaxing on a Spring day :)

Both Bugs & Max are waiting for me to come back outside :)
Love these two!

Camo is SO IN LOVE with's cute

always watchful.....

Sitting on the porch with me and morning coffee :)



Taken this morning to be out and about!!

He is precious to me.....he is patiently waiting...... I love you Buggy!!

HE IS ONE OF THE KINDEST MALES I have ever had or met :)  I am so blessed to have him
with me every day, 24/7...... he never leaves my side :) 

Waiting for me...wanting to go to bed :)

Bugs is my CONSTANT, never far and always has his eyes on me....
His dedication has been so good for me...
as I have loved and lost a few too many and he has helped me through some of them.....
Bless his heart... He is my 'buddy' a true friend and I am most Thankful!!

His loving nature does come through on his puppies.

Waiting to leave for home :)

Bugs with Gypsie....his BEST FRIEND :)


I am in love with this boy more and more each day.....he continues to amaze
me.....he is so special!  I am more then blessed to have him...

Ever so watchful......

Just hanging......

Relaxing on a ride in the truck :)

Having fun......

Bugs loves the snow....


First attempt at stacking :)  not bad for a puppy...He will be a year old on September 3rd :)


I love this little pup......So much to add to his page...will update soon...THANK you for visiting...

Feb. 22, 2012

Jan 2012

Ride home.....

think he loves his new home..... :)

February 2012-growing :)

Bad photo from my phone but it does show his COLOR
and looks like he is gonna look just like his DAD :)

Father-Waiko Vom Schaumbergerland
SchH3, KKl1, ZW75, DM clear

VA rating at the USA Sieger Show in Indianapolis on May 20th 2012 under SV Judge and Kormeister Frank Goldlust

Mother-SG1 Genie Vom Stuber Haus